Negotiations are progressing and the Nacho Rivero Cruise is close to continuing in Azul

The space command was able to advance in negotiations with Solos to achieve Uruguayan permanence

Mexico – The wind turned positive Blue Cross In the possibility of staying with Jose Ignacio Rivero.

When it seemed impossible to close a negotiation Club Tijuana To make the purchase option for the Uruguayan steering wheel useful, Tigers Leo deviated from the equation with the possibility of sending Fernandez Just, Which allowed the directors of the Cement Committee and the Boundary Committee to resume negotiations Rivero And they are very close to the firm purchase agreement of the Uruguayan player.

Evidence suggests that the purchase option has been set at $ 4 million, and that to compensate for that, the Sky Club will send a player from the first team and the difference in the amount to ESPN.Thus ending a novel that made the fans of the Mexican football champion very nervous.

Honestly, Cruise AxisHe wanted to validate the option, which had been purchased for $ 3 million since last December, but had to pay ahead. Brian Anglo The Ecuadorian player just doesn’t want to stay Tijuana, With what Rivero He finished his second semester loan in the sky team for a year.

In the summer, with the June 30 deadline, that is, this next Wednesday, the amount of options soared to $ 4 million and Blue Cross Contacted Tijuana Although he could not pay that amount in cash, he wanted to check the purchase with one or two players with low value and money.

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Only when the option of a relocation involving Uruguayan Leo Fernandez de Tigres was implemented. Just, But eventually this option was dropped, sources confirmed to ESPN’s John Sutcliffe and Leon Leganda.

Therefore, Negotiations between Cruz Azul and Tijuana resumed this Monday, and if all goes according to plan, the La Noria club will announce in the next few hours that they will validate the purchase option for Rivero, 2 to 3 more years for Uruguay.

This time, the 29-year-old midfielder is the main piece for the title Blue Cross, He coached with La Maguina the previous season in Avantaro, signifying that everything will be Rivero For a long time as a cement maker.

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