Modagua and Olympia qualified automatically


Blue Eagles Motagua And this Olympia automatically classified to the next version Concacaf champions. Everything happened after the end Alajuelence of Costa Rica who scored alliance of Savior.

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The team he leads regardless of the result tonight Hernan La Tota MedinaTheir ticket was achieved by being within the classified top five in the general table Concacaf LeagueAfter being defeated he confirmed his position alliance Against the led team Fabian Coedus.

Hurricane joins Royal Spain As the second team officially classified, it is almost certain that they will join Olympia clinched the series 4-0 Triangan of Nicaragua And will be in the semi-finals Concacaf League. El Viejo Leon also have a good goal advantage and will enter the top six in the league. Concacaf League Who gets the ticket?

The CONCACAF Championship It is elite tournaments and clubs that will start playing in February next year Mexico; the lion, Atlas Y TigersLike him City of Orlando of Milli and other equipment America Y Canada Qualify at the end of the tournament. Also added Alajuelence of Costa Rica And maybe add Taurus If hit Motagua.

General Table Concacafe League

1. Alajuelens (Costa Rica) 10 points
2. Real Spain (Honduras) 9 points
3. Olympia (Honduras) 7 points
4. Modagua (Honduras) 7 points
5. Alliance (El Salvador) 6 points
6. Taurus (Panama) 5 points


7. Triangen (Nicaragua) 4 points
8. Herediano (Costa Rica) 3 points

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