iOS 16 battery test, has autonomy improved or worsened?

Curious if your iOS 16 device will improve battery life? This test clears all doubts of the latest and old iPhones running on the latest version of Apple’s OS.

The iOS 16 news were Attractive to most usersIts opening yesterday said it all The first reactions were shown on social networks. Most interesting: Customized lock screen, battery indicators and changes to native apps. An important topic Battery and how autonomy is managed across different devices. Is performance better or worse on iOS 16?

iOS 16 battery tested with latest iPhones

Channel YouTube iAppleBytes has started to fulfill this task This means a lot for users who are concerned about battery life on their device. One of the factors to take into account is to immediately update or stay on the latest version iOS 15.7.

iOS 16 battery percentage

With iOS 16 the battery percentage returns to the iPhone status bar

Several recent iPhones were featured in the testFrom the latest iPhone 13, 12 and 11 to the XR, SE 2 and 8. Geekbench app was used on 100% charged devices And with 25% screen brightness setting. Connected to the same WiFi network and without the option of automatic brightness, it will not change when the test is carried out.

Best and worst iPhone in terms of battery with iOS 16

The iPhone 13 set the best with 9 hours and 4 minutes. iPhone SE 2 and iPhone 8 with 3 and 4 hours of battery life are worse. iPhone XR in an average of 6 hours and 11. According to the video, Only the iPhone 8 lacked any improvement in terms of battery.

iOS 16 Battery Test on iPhone

iOS 16 Battery Test on iPhone by iAppleBytes

This is very strange and Apple will never disclose it In some cases, in the first versions of iOS, the battery was not improved on the devices. They usually find stability 2 or 3 months after initial release. If you have an older iPhone, i.e. one of the last iPhones to accept compatibility, it’s better to wait a few months for the update. If you have already updated and notes You can see how to solve battery problems.

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It does not compromise critical security updates You can install them without the latest stable version of iOS.

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