Congressman proposes converting Capitol Chapel into a ‘neutral place of worship’

The Liberal Congressman proposes turning the congressional chapel into a neutral space for worship. Photo: Archive

Chamber representative from Bogotá Juan Carlos Losada suggest The conversion of the Church of Maria Auxiliadora, located in the National Capitol, into a “Neutral place of worship”where “all sects may be manifested” for the purpose of respecting freedom of worship and the secularism of the state.

The Liberal MP, who had the support of Congressman Alerio Uribe, of the Historic Charter, and Luis Alberto Albán, of the Commons, argued in this proposal that the change of venue would aim to comply with the Constitution, particularly articles contemplating the religious neutrality.

According to the provisions of jurisprudence Constitutional Court Which noted that “authorizing public resources for the purpose of encouraging a religious rite violates Articles 1 and 19 of the Constitution.” regarding the secular nature of the state and the duty of religious neutrality”‘,” the legislator noted.

In this sense, he proposed converting the congressional chapel into a neutral worship space with the aim that any officials or visitors could They can fully exercise their right to freedom of worship In order for the institution to recognize the principle of religious neutrality.

Losada’s proposal was rejected by some members of Congress and politicians from traditional societies such as former Congressman Irwin Arias Betancourt, who referred to it in Congress There was a ‘prayer room’ for other religions, right in front of a catholic church, ‘just now does Juan Carlos Losada want to join the style of closing the chapels?’ Not by faith, Juan. respect“.

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Looking at Arias’ statement, Losada shared a video showing Bible verses on the walls, pictures referring to the Catholic religion, a Bible on a pulpit, and a message on the door of the venue stating “If you pray, God hears; if you wait, God prepares. commits, noting “I give you the space that offers Erwin Arias as “neutral”.

“Warning, They want to eliminate the Catholic Church in Congress. It is an attack on a particular dogma; The secular state does not promote a private religion, but it guarantees freedom of worship. If they want space for their beliefs, ask Congress. The Church survives,” the Democratic Center congressman pointed out on his part, Christian Garceswho claims on his Twitter account that he is a “defender of freedoms”.

Said the Conservative senator, who agreed with the representative of the House, Luis Miguel Lopez, who noted that “efforts ‘to end the meeting places of the Catholic faith tell us about the situation we are facing'”

Losada’s proposal comes a month after El Dorado Airport announced via social networks that the airport’s space catholic rhetoric It will be modified and will have modifications with the aim of becoming a place of natural reflection for any kind of worship.

This led to a demonstration on September 3 at the airfield facilities in which a group of Catholic protesters expressed their dissatisfaction with the decision of Opain, a union responsible for the management, modernization, expansion, operation, maintenance and marketing of the air terminal. Open the chapel so that people of all faiths have space for meditation and prayer.

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