Mistakes I Made When Using iPhone for the First Time

It’s very easy to make a mistake when setting up your iPhone for the first time, and even I made one of those mistakes. Worst of all, by doing so, I almost always left my phone charging. So, we are going to give you a series of examples and recommendations What happened to me, don’t happen to you.

Of course, we are not talking about the daily use of the iPhone. It’s not about the method used, but how we talk about it Phone setup process Sometimes we make it quick and run, but nothing could be further from the fact that it causes more than one problem.

The most important thing: Backup

Undoubtedly, one of the most common mistakes people make is the worst mistake I’ve ever made while operating my mobile phone, which is nothing more than using a backup to restore an iPhone. This backup, quiet, Can do a lot of damage.

Apart from all the data that this backup brings to your device, it also causes the previous settings to be transferred to the phone, which leads to it. Some structures may or Process from backup It may conflict with iPhone’s initial settings. This was the case with most of the iPhone 14 Pro, which suffered from overheating.

and no, If you have fully integrated iCloud With your mobile phone, you don’t have to worry about anything, because most of the contacts, application data and photos, which usually worry us the most, will not be lost, so you can breathe easy. Also, this is not an issue that will be fixed in future updates.

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Be careful with location

Location is one of the hot spots on all devices; And it can cause many problems in your phone. Our recommendation is to use it in applications that require their functionality, however you do so on condition Allowed only while using the app, which they usually provide you with. In this way, you will not encounter unnecessary heating of the device among other possibilities.

The permissions you give are required

During this configuration, it’s normal that sooner or later you’ll encounter something that requires some permissions to work, both on the phone itself and at later stages when you start installing your apps. Allows access to certain device tools such as It could be a camera or a microphone.

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To be honest, for some apps to work properly, you need to grant them certain permissions, but the best thing is not to grant permissions left and right for every action that apps do. ask you This… you might regret it.

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