Four arrested for abducting Luis Diaz’s father

Four people are said to be involved Kidnapping of Luis Manuel DiazFootballer’s father Luis Diazwas in the hands of the guerrillas AfterSupport was seized in an operation by Colombian authorities United KingdomReport this Saturday custody.

“In development Function ‘Freedom’ We arrested 4 people responsible for the kidnapping Luis Manuel Diaz“, the police said in their X account, according to which those arrested in the Caribbean sector La GuajiraThe place where the footballer’s father was kidnapped Last October 28.

The Colombian prosecutor’s office and its “coordinated effort,” the information added. Technical Research Organization (CTI) “and authorities United KingdomThis allowed the criminal group to be eliminated.Relatives‘”.

“The”Operation Freedom‘We started it on the same day as the abduction, which allowed us to identify it They are said to be Sudradharis and materials, incl Criminal group ‘Los Primos’Those who commit crimes through criminal ‘outsourcing’ method,” said the Director General of Police. William Rene Salamanca.

This information indicates that Father of Liverpool player may have been transmitted by Common offenseHe then handed him over to the gorilla National Liberation Army (After)

Action was taken to catch them Nine trials carried out in cities Macao and BarangaysWhere he was abducted “Mane” Diaz.

Information that custody He explained that three of those arrested were They had an arrest warrant and others arrested in flamant delicto.

They were there too Two guns were seizedMoney and mobile phones.

Father of the player Liverpool He was handed over to the Humanitarian Commission on Thursday UN in Columbia and Catholic Church Near Barrancas, at the foot of the Berija Range.

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On Friday, in a press conference, the football player’s father addressed the government and the Illegal armed groups to have a conversation Seek peace in Colombia.

“To all brothers of the Hill, to all groups, legally constituted and unconstitutional I invite you to reflectTo have a dialogue, we need to talk to the elites of our country, so Colombia, not in a year or two, but in three or four years. It will be a land of peaceDiaz said.

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