Miss Universe 2023 Live: Mexico’s Melissa Flores exits in first round

The competition started with evening wear, from which the representatives of the respective countries would be selected to advance to the next round.

Puerto Rico was selected first, followed by Thailand’s representative, Peru third, Colombia fourth, Nicaragua’s flag bearer fifth, Philippines sixth, and semi-finalists seventh local. The woman from El Salvador was the eighth woman to advance to the next round, representing Venezuela, the ninth appointed Australia and finally Spain completed the 10 to walk the evening dress catwalk.

The selection of the next 10 participants has begun.

The semi finals have started Miss Universe 2023 With a representative of Nicaragua in a swimsuit parade.

The first decisive moment arrived, the announcement of the 20 semi-finalists of Miss Universe 2023, the first 7 selected representatives: Spain, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Namibia, India, Thailand,

The second group of 7 participants advanced to the next round: Chile, Jamaica, USA, Nepal, Peru, Cameroon and Colombia,

The final 6 semi-finalists were selected: Pakistan, Australia, Philippines, Portugal, South Africa and finally El Salvador, where the public clapped and cheered at the local representative’s column.

Melissa FloresThe Mexican representative was eliminated in the first round.

According to the organizers of Miss Universe, it has been 20 years since the pageant was held in Central America.

Melissa Flores He performed in front of the audience, which was very moving and was highly appreciated by all present.

Melissa Flores She shared a series of photos before the gala began Miss Universe 2023.

Melissa Robles was seen smiling and excited before competing in Miss Universe 2023. (Ig catch: melissafloreg)

The red carpet is now ready where the guests will enter the beauty pageant. Preparations for the festival begin Miss Universe 2023.

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