Miño takes the first step to “protect” the natural area of ​​the Baxoi . swamps

The Minho municipality Invitation to tender for a project worth 10,2321.28 euros to implement a complete environmental work in Baksui marshes. The idea is to improve environmental conditions and biodiversity in a natural space that is no less important than this place, which is one of the most representative places As Mariñas-Mandeo . Reserve.

Intervention will be carried out in the vicinity of rivers Xario and Baxoi The main objective is to eliminate invasive species, enhance native vegetation at the edges of coastal rivers and enhance pollinators by placing nest boxes, insect shelters, and planting clumps of selected species in interstitial spaces in Minho golf course. A comprehensive procedure divided into seven interventions, coherent and coordinated, to cover the different aspects of conservation and management of biodiversity and improving connectivity that has characterized the Mino government.

a path

In addition, create a pedestrian path between to Ponte Baxoi and highway bridge, through an intervention that does not alter the river margin or adversely affect the river forest where the relevant informative and informative signage will be implemented, explained by the Government of Manuel Vazquez Faraldo.

This project, which will be open for tender until November 2, will be funded by Next generation money managed to Environment Department subordinate board.

“This is a very exciting project for us, and it’s part of the strategy we’ve been following since we came to the Mino government,” stressed the Mayor of Mino, Manuel Vazquez Faraldo.

An inevitable strategy to protect the environment and biodiversity of space as well as to eliminate invasive alien species, “and also benefit from improved pedestrian connectivity through green paths,” added Vásquez Faraldo. 

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