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One of the biggest earnings for the boxing world in 2021 Mike Tyson Who hosted an exhibition competition Roy Jones Jr. However, the former world champion said he is preparing for his second fight and wants to knock out his next opponent. Will you do it?

No doubt coming back Iron mic For Echocados it made a huge impact in the game because it was the return of the real star of the fist game. His return is a work in progress, a worthy fight ahead Jones And with good fights with senior fighters.

However, Tyson He is currently preparing to hold his second exhibition and will be with it Evander Holyfield, According to him in the first one it is assumed that it can go through the knockout. “I felt better than I expected, I thought I was a little more nervous than myself, but I was relaxed. I felt I could do a little more, hit more combinations, be able to do this, be able to do that., Revealed on his podcast Of the hot box.

Tyson said he just realized he was able to knock Jones out. (Cartridge)

I add: “I said, ‘Wow, this is interesting. I want to do it again. I want to do it against someone who can do what I can. I was interested in wanting to do it again.’. On the other hand, he commented that he was interested in reaching the end of the fight when he returned and was not looking for victory. Co..

Keep in mind that it is said to come back Tyson Made more profit 1.6 million Looking for dollars and trilogy Evander Holyfield.

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