Marcelo Flores has already joined the Mexican national team at CAR

Mexico City /

Little by little The Mexican team Who will face Chile It begins to take shape on December 8 at the High Performance Center in Austin, Texas Gerardo Martino I already work with 20 players Marcelo Flores placeholder image, Licensed England Arsenal Play this game.

Cello is the youngest item on the list to be published Aya Martino In the days to come, he will have new faces for this last commitment of 2021.

Next Flowers Players like Sebastian Cordova, Salvador Reyes, Eric Aguirre, Alfonso Gonzalez, Emilio Laura, Mauro Lines, Jordan Silva, Israel Rice, Alan Cervantes, Omar Campos, Carlos Acevedo, Eduardo Aguirre And Louis Angel Malacon.

These players will be joined by six people who have already worked at CAR since the start of the leadership week Santiago Kimines, Louis Olivas, Julian Arozo, Efron Alvarez, Fernando Feltron and Uriel Antunna.

The Choose Will travel up Austin, Texas This fight against the Andeans next Sunday should help him so that Tata can see other players and update the deck for the playoffs. Jamaica, Costa Rica and Panama.

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