WhatsApp will react with emojis to messages

Indicates that everything is popular Processor From Share The publication is getting ready to put reactions to messages with emojis, as it did on Messenger and Instagram.

That’s right, WhatsApp is preparing for the release Reactions For messages on the platform, you may remember, it is already in various apps like Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.

It was recently announced that WhatsApp, an instant messaging site, is working to see reaction information Posts In use, because they are in other apps like Messenger, Facebook and Instagram.

According to the WABeta Info website, it filters information about application updates, reactions to messages are in beta and will reach all users later this year.

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Previously, we shared some tricks of the messaging app on how to create integrated or customized emojis, however, the user must have the GBoard keyboard installed, which is a processor that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

The way to react to a message is simple, just click the button for a few seconds and the icons will appear to react with various emojis like “Like” or “Red Heart”. , They are 6 different, but the user can only select one reaction.

It is worth noting that this can be implemented in both individual and group conversations.

On the other hand, the website points out that they are still in beta, however, the user will need to register as a beta tester to get the functionality.

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For Android, users must enter the app, choose the option to become a beta tester, accept the terms of use of the app and wait for the download to begin, for the iPhone, they must download TestFlight and request a beta version. Processor.

It is worth mentioning that the emojis in use are the images that users use to express the emotions they share with others with high pressure, because the user’s choice is the emoji of a smiley face with tears, a romantic face and a small face. The crying, as well as the kissing face.

However, they have recently given some details of the WhatsApp processor as they are on Messenger, Instagram and Facebook, confirming that the app plans to start reacting to messages with emojis.

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