The Pokémon Sleep game for iPhone is now available on the App Store

Pokemon Sleep is a sleep tracking game.

Pokemon Sleep is a game where everyone sleeps

After its release was announced in February 2023, the title Pokemon sleep It has finally landed on the App Store for iPhone. It is a sleep tracking inspired game that helps players maintain a healthy sleep schedule and habits.

Pokémon Sleep has recently hit the App Store Available completely free For iPhone. Download Pokémon Sleep on your iPhone and read on to know more about this curious game.

Pokemon Sleep: A game that encourages you to sleep better

Pokemon sleep

The Pokémon Company has officially announced the release of Pokémon Sleep

There are a variety of sleep tracking apps available for iPhone and Apple Watch. But they are nothing Combines sleep tracking well with a game Like pokemon sleep. Players can choose from over 100 different characters to represent their dream state.

Pokemon Sleep has a “Sleep Score” system Based on how many hours each user sleeps. As the score increases, Pokémon Sleep players will receive rewards in the form of new characters. The longer you sleep, the more Pokemon you can catch.

“Collect Pokemon while you sleep! In the Pokemon Sleep world, Pokemon with the same sleep type approach you while you sleep. Find all the Pokemon’s resting states and try to complete Dormitex!”

All you have to do to play Pokémon Sleep is keep your iPhone close to you while you sleep — never under your pillow because it will overheat — and The game tracks your sleep to catch new Pokemon When you wake up.

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Depending on the time you sleep and its quality, you will get a type of Pokemon. All Pokemon you catch in Pokemon Sleep will bring berries to Snorlax. This will make Snorlax grow a little bit more and help you catch more types of Pokemon.

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