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Neighbors from different neighborhoods and numerous young people joined this Saturday at the launch of the new Buenos Aires group 100 neighborhoods, which aims to work for the city of Buenos Aires with “a different look than usual, from within politics with the conviction of concentrating on solutions and leaving party discussions aside”

Under the motto “Let’s go back to the essentials”, from 10 in the morning the new nucleation carried out a schedule of more than 50 activities throughout the day that gathered throughout the day the residents of Plaza Houssay (Av. Córdoba 2100), on the corner of San Juan and Boedo, on Avenida Eva Perón 2289 (Flores) and at the intersection of Avenida Iriarte and Luna in Barracas, in a day in which workshops, exhibitions, shows and debates were held.

With a neighborhood, nonpartisan and plural profile, the 100 Barrios proposal promises to constitute “a different political space, focusing on the basics, the essentials and concentrating on working close to the residents of the city.”

We are a group of neighbors, neighbors, colleagues, friends and friends from the different neighborhoods of the City of Buenos Aires who seek a just, egalitarian, inclusive society, and that all people can develop and dignify themselves. We understand that to achieve this we have to be part of the decisions, “they say.

Several of the members of this new group intend to contribute with the experience that many built in the University of Buenos Aires, “with actions such as distributing food until participating in a health facility.”

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In 100 neighborhoods they clarify that they do not respond “to any party.” “That gives us freedom when it comes to talking to people to get involved in the project,” they say. However, they do not deny the aspiration to participate in an electoral body in 2023. “The creation of this group, of which we all have to feel part, has an important organization that allows us, if we get involved and commit ourselves, to have in three years a leading role in policy decision-making in the City, “they say.

“We understand that we are in a historical moment, going through an extremely complex stage, not only in terms of health and the economy but also as a society, where an identity crisis is reflected at a political level. Today we are facing an opportunity that we cannot miss. “, they conclude.

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