Melchor Trejo will name a space for nephrology at the Hospital Don Benito-Villanueva

Melchor Trejo, founder and president of Alcer-Badajoz for 41 years, will give his name to a space in the nephrology service at Don Benito-Villanueva Hospital. This was announced yesterday by the Minister of Health, Jose Maria Virgils, at the opening ceremony Regional Day for Kidney Patients and Their Relativeswhich was held yesterday in Badajoz. Serve this meeting Trigo’s posthumous tribute, He passed away in March of this yearThrough testimonies of patients, family members and friends who recall his important work and his “great character and generosity”.

“He made the fight for the common possible, to try to improve things for all patients and not from an individual point of view,” Vergilis stressed. In this sense, he praised the work of the association and acknowledged it “The levels of concern for kidney failure would not be the same if we didn’t have a Sir and a boss like Melchor Trejo.”

Melchor Trejo, founder of Alcer-Badajoz, who passed away in March of this year. chronic

The consultant noted that thanks to the prisoner’s joint work with Extremadura Health Services (SES) and self-management professionals, treatment of people with kidney failure is ongoing and when the disease becomes chronic, dialysis or kidney transplantation.

Also, according to Verglis, progress has been made with kidney transplantationAnd the The consultant, who noted that since 2019, when he was Living donor kidney transplantation, five of which have already been done with this technique. He defended this, saying, “We must attach great importance to consultation for a living donation.”

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Vergilis also noted that all health areas of dialysis were covered in all the shifts it required. , he has pediatric dialysis, which, although fortunately, there aren’t many cases, they need it too. In Caceres, he said, work has been done to train patients on dialysis at home and “they are really experts in this,” while in Plasencia there is a unit to research recurrent dialysis, and the disease is also being treated with dialysis programs in the Coria and Navalmoral de la Mata regions. .

New competition unit

Until now, in Don Benito-Villanueva de la Serena, dialysis has been arranged with dialysis clubs, but before the end of the year a new competition was organized to create a unit that treats chronic renal failure and later to integrate the rest of the technologies of any dialysis service. In this service, the name Melchor Trejo will be placed in one of the rooms.

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