Unbelievable! Dropped by Chivas but considered by Gerardo Martino for 2022 Qatar World Cup

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The footballer, who is considered one of the jewels of the fundamental forces and was destroyed by Ricardo Cadena, has already been invited by Tata to travel to the World Cup in the coming weeks.

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Chivas is working to become a complete player coaching team Considered the best quarry in Mexico With the program commanded by Fernando Hierro; However, there are good opportunities in basic forces They have been noticed by national team coach Gerardo Martino.

The Guadalajara eliminated from Apertura 2022 in Repechage event; However, the strategist Riccardo Cadena tried to give a chance to some elements of the red and white lower divisions, where youSebastian Perez was the bouquet that shone when given the opportunity.

Midfielder Now mostly erased from the management of Guadalajara’s former coachSent back to the expansion league to continue its training process Flock showed his qualities in the first team when he made his debut on the top circuit from Clausura 2022.

Rojiblanco youth team sister revealed this through their social networks Flock Player was conceived by Tata Martino In the coming weeks he will travel to the other side of the planet to coordinate a sparring team. Thus Gilberto Orozco joined Chiquete.

Why didn’t Perez play Bouquet in Chivas?

A midfielder is a reality That was never entirely the case for Ricardo Cadenawho sent him to Tabatio that he might repeat himself, In front of the cameras he listed it as “a jewel” from the Guadalajara quarry.

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