Marta Lucia Rameres goes to the United States to report on the state of the country – the state – politics

Marta Lucia Ramares

Marta Lucia Ramரres, Vice President of Colombia.

On your first trip Chancellor, Vice President Marta Lucia Ramirez He will go to the United States. There he will give an overview Government Of the social crisis facing the country National strike.

(Can read: The National Unemployment Committee is inviting marches on May 26 and 28)

He will begin his agenda this Friday, in which he plans a meeting HIM-HER-IT, Colombian Ambassador to the United Nations Guillermo Fernandez de Soto in New York.

He will then be in Washington, where he will meet with congressmen and foreign officials.

To Monday A meeting with the US Commission on Human Rights (IACR) is scheduled to inform them of the progress of the investigation. Human rights among the marchers and what steps the government has taken in this regard.

(What else: What you need to know about the Youth Housing Program)

Precisely, last week, the IACHR expressed its interest in coming to Colombia to verify complaints of human rights violations in the structure of the marches. What else, One of the demands of the National Unemployment Committee in the middle of the third job Does With the national government this Thursday, the commission is in the country To monitor compliance with human rights in demonstrations.

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