Gaza was cut off again; Israel claims to have divided the coastal area in two

But a “fresh decline in connectivity” across Gaza, condemned by Internet access advocacy group and confirmed by Palestinian telecommunications company Paltel, further complicated the exchange of details about the latest phase of the military offensive.

“We have lost contact with most of the UNRWA team members,” he said Associated Press Juliet Douma, spokeswoman for the UN agency for Palestine refugees. The first blackout in Gaza lasted 36 hours and the second a few hours.

The moment two injured children find their younger brother after a bombing in Gaza

Israel continues to attack refugee camps

Early Sunday morning, Israeli warplanes struck two refugee camps in central Gaza, killing at least 53 people and injuring dozens, health officials said.

First, the Makasi refugee camp was hit by airstrikes overnight. At least 40 people died and 34 were injured, the health ministry said. The camp is located in an area where Palestinian civilians have been urged to seek refuge as the Israeli army focuses its offensive in the north.

Another airstrike hit a refugee camp in Bureji in central Gaza, which was already under attack. Al-Aqsa Hospital staff told the AP that at least 13 people had died. An estimated 46,000 people live in rural areas.

Israel rejects cease-fire, while Blinken visits region

Despite calls and protests abroad, Israel has continued its bombing of Gaza, which it says targets Hamas and accuses it of using civilians as human shields. Critics say Israel’s attacks are often disproportionate, with large civilian casualties.

He then made a surprise visit to Baghdad, a visit that sent Iran a message of America’s commitment to its allies in the region. “It is very important to send a clear message to anyone trying to take advantage of the conflict in Gaza: “Don’t do it,” Blinken told reporters at the airport in the capital. Iraq.

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Airstrikes have devastated residential areas in northern Gaza. More than half of the remaining residents, about 300,000, are taking refuge in UN-run facilities, according to the United Nations Office of Humanitarian Affairs.

Israeli planes again dropped leaflets urging people to move south within four hours on Sunday. Crowds were seen walking along Gaza’s main north-south highway, pushing luggage, pets and wheelchairs. Others carried carts pulled by donkeys.

The Israeli army said a route would be maintained for residents of the north to escape to southern Gaza.

According to the UN, nearly 1.5 million people, 70%, have fled their homes in Gaza. Generators running hospitals and other facilities are running out of food, water and fuel. UN for Palestine Refugees According to the agency, the fuel has not arrived for almost a month.

Massacre of an Israeli community where more than 100 bodies, including babies and children, were found

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