Marilyn Favela returns to Telanovelas through the front door and announces it

Marilyn Favela returns to Telanovelas through the front door and announces itWell, even though she has revealed special looks, it will be 2021 when the actress returns to TV forums.

First from Durango, Marilyn Favela An actress who became world famous through soap operas “Against all contradictions”,“Ruby”,“Cat”,“Fox, sword and rose“Y”Curiosity and power“, Among others.

Despite being half-retired from television after getting married and becoming a mother, today the actress returns to one of her first lovers and walks hand in hand, through the big door Televisa, A company that gave him his first opportunities.

Yes Marilyn Favela She had hoped that he would have many privileges and then reveal more details, but as an entrepreneur she is still focused on where a dress line and daughter-inspired line of toys is one of the most appreciated for her and improving the features for her followers.

Today, with her daughter as a priority and eager to progress, Marilyn Favela She confirms her return and announces it, more beautiful than before.

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Marilyn Favela returns to “La Desalmada”

As rumored, Marilyn Favela Will be a part of “Who has no soul”, New Telanovela Jose Alberto “El Zero” Castro, Where Livia Brito Y Jose Ron Will be heroes. The actress has already worked with the producer on Rupa, and although her role is brief, it is also important in the story.

These are the records of the new Delanovela on March 16th Marilyn Favela, Which is currently expected to be released at the end of “De Aguirre de Me”, a story starring Fatima Molina and Gabriel Soto.

Marilyn Favela She looked bright when presented with this project in a cute baby blue and white striped dress, which highlighted her figure, and she paired it with sandals, a style that will definitely be a trend in the spring of 2021.

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Followers Marilyn Favela They couldn’t be happier because even though the actress had given him an inspiration to get inspired by his daughter and not gossip with his ex-partner, they missed his talent on screen and could finally see him again in a new story and re-enact his biggest hits.

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