NASA | Diligence reaches the first audio recording on Mars

The NASA Has published First audio recording Tuesday Thanks for the work Diligence On the planet.

As stated in it NASA, Rover Diligence These sounds were recorded on February 19 this year, after 18 hours Successful landing on the surface Tuesday.

According to the space agency, the rover’s mast held the microphone Super game, It was still saved on the cover Diligence, So the sound is murmured, like the sound you hear when you hear an ocean or hold a hand over your ear. You can only hear a small breeze.

Listen to it below:

There are also laser shot recordings on the planet

Diligence It was also able to capture the first acoustic recording of laser beam impacts on a rock target Tuesday.

This recording was dated March 2, 2021, and it was done with a microphone Super game.

A rocky miasma located 3 meters from the destination (Tuesday, in Navajo) Diligence.

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