Cruise Azul | Yoshimer Jordan asks Santiago Ormeno for the Peruvian national team

“I’ll go to the first team to call me”, Said months ago Santiago Ormeno Before a date FIFA. The statements from the Mexican perspective were seen as a ‘final warning’ Gerardo Martino, Who hasn’t thought about Mexican DRI yet, and the announcement of the Peruvian team’s intentions to run Ricardo Carreca.

Grandson of Peruvian nationalized Mexican exporter born 27 years ago in Mexico City Walter Ormeno, Gunner Puebla He has a Peruvian nationality, so a call-up with the South American team is within reach. However, neither Martino nor Carreca have yet taken action, in the midst of those opportunities, Yoshimir Yodon The Inca opened the door of the compound for him.

“When we played against Puebla (in January) I talked to Ormeno. I saw him as a good man, I went to the human area; I called him as part of the examSaid the midfielder Blue Cross At a press conference. Yotton joins at the coach’s own request Juan Rhinoso, Who also showed a desire to see Ormeno with ‘Blancroza’.

Ormano is important to go to Peru so he can feel what the national team will look like. He has the ability to play on any team because he is a great player, he is living a great moment in Puebla, scoring goals“Jotten is one of the most consistent footballers in Kareka’s line-up,” he said.

There is also a long-awaited campaign for Ormino’s Peruvian team in the local press from Peru, a player who they consider a natural replacement for the witness he left behind Paulo Guerrero. During this Defenders, Mexican Gunner has scored 6 goals in 10 rounds played so far.

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