María Corina Machado affirms that she is fighting for a deep change in Venezuela: “We are going to leave socialism”

María Corina Machado continues her fight for deep change in Venezuela: “We are going to leave socialism forever” (EFE)

Leader of the Opposition and anti-Savista presidential candidate, Maria Corina Machadocontinues its struggle for a profound change VenezuelaAhead of elections scheduled for this year, the country vowed to “leave socialism behind forever.”

“There will be Clean and free elections In this country. We're going to choose Venezuela, we're going to choose A profound change, We are going to leave socialism forever In Venezuela,” the former deputy said in a video, expressing his hope that the will of the people would be respected and that Nicolás Maduro's ruling party would be defeated in the election.

In that sense, he urged his supporters to “never forget” the importance of majority vote in defining the country's future.

From the PUD they asked Venezuelans to organize campaign “comandidos” in the cities and not be afraid to show their support for María Corina Machado (AP).

On the other hand, the Democratic United Platform (PUD) made a last-minute call to protesting Venezuelans Organized campaign “comandidos”. In cities, urbanization and neighborhoods across the country to support Machado and not give way to the advances of the dictatorship, it has not yet eliminated political disqualification.

“You don't have to ask permission from anyone to organize your command, it's a beautiful experience, it's a kind of political organization for the Venezuelan people, which is at the forefront of this campaign,” commented opposition member Roberto Enriquez.

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In his video, Machado also remembers “All who were imprisoned and persecuted” by the “tyranny” of the Miraflores palace. And his repeated request Immediate release. Among these victims were three of his collaborators, detained almost a month ago – Juan Fridez, Luis Camagarro and Guillermo López – as well as the activist Rocio San Miguel and the same number of disaffected voices.

Machado reiterates his demand for the release of all unjustly imprisoned political prisoners (EFE)

The UN staff in Caracas faced an eviction order, adding to a series of complaints of arbitrary detention, torture and non-compliance with Venezuela's regime. Barbados TreatyAgreeing with the opposition, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michael BachlettThe former foreign ministers, along with diplomats and academics, called for “tremendous efforts by governments, political forces and the regional community. It must be ensured that totalitarianism and anti-historicism are not assimilated“In the country.

“The Latin American Reflection Table, composed of politicians, diplomats and academics from various countries in our region, rejects and declares the decision taken by Venezuela to suspend the office's activities as a serious political error, with implications for the entire region. Expel the High Commissioner for Human Rights in that country and its staff,” the letter said. It noted, “This action, along with the arrest of Rocio San Miguel, a prominent security expert and defender of human rights in Venezuela, casts a dark panorama on the future of Venezuelan democracy.”

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On the other hand, these reports took place a day after the disappearance of Ronald Ojeda Moreno, a former soldier in exile in Chile, who, according to complaints by human rights defenders and the first police investigations, was abducted by secret agents. General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence (DGCIM) and returned to Caracas accused of being a traitor to the country.

(with information from EFE)

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