Alejandrina visits German Congress and interrogates PLT representatives who do not respect party taxes

Santo Domingo, R.D.

Alejandrina German, a member of the political committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), visited the National Congress on Tuesday, chairing the Constitution and Order and Ethics Tribunal, to investigate “purple” representatives who violate party rules.

The German, who announced that he would meet with all PLT representatives, did not specify the cases in which the investigation began, but recently approved a new state of emergency for 45 days that would include members of the organization’s legislature.

“But not only that, we are looking into the rest,” German explained, while at the same time opening up the possibility of other contempt cases being investigated by the PLD.

The chairman of the disciplinary committee explained.

Despite this first meeting, the former women minister reiterated that the disciplinary court was incomplete because a further five-member coalition was missing, but the PLD was ready to gather evidence and investigate the facts in question.

At the last session of the Assembly where the Emergency Law was approved, several PLD legislators voted in the knowledge of the initiative, which allowed for a sufficient request for its favorable approval.

A PLD deputy, Julio Brito, also voted in favor of the extension, saying he was not going to throw stones at President Abinader’s administration.

The discriminating line of PLD seen at that session was not to vote for the initiative or leave the floor, to prevent it from having enough quorum to allow its approval.

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