Ants eating the GPU of a gamer's computer, this is their reaction

The user shared his situation with concern. (reddit)

In an unusual incident that caught the attention of the online community, a gaming enthusiast experienced a surprising increase in the temperature of his computer during a gaming session.

Initially appeared a A routine technical problem soon revealed itself as an unexpectedly interesting and challenging situation.

He shared his experience on Reddit, The user described a strange discovery he made while investigating the cause of his computer overheating:

I used my computer as usual, but I noticed my maximum temperature GPU It was climbing little by little. When I checked that the fans were spinning properly, I saw ants marching on my GPU and my case. They even came out of the GPU heating,” he explained in his story on the social network.

The ants reappeared after the user first cleaned. (reddit)

In continuation of this amazing story, the pictures shared by the user on Reddit bear witness to the strange hell that his computer went through at the hands of an army of ants.

The invaders not only marched on its elements, but inflicted considerable damage, biting everything in their path.

“That's when I got worried and took it down. They were eating thermal paste and thermal pasteSo I had to use a hair dryer to get them out of there,” the victim says of the process of cleaning and repairing his machine.

In an attempt to prevent future invasions, the user applied thermal paste and sprayed his computer with anti-insect spray, hoping that this action would prevent the ants from returning.

The ants were eating the GPU. (reddit)

However, their efforts seemed to be in vain and the ants returned after some time, undeterred by the preventive measures taken.

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They are eating my GPU alive“, he expressed, demonstrating the tenacity and challenge these small but resistant intruders represent for home technology.

“Now I'm really worried about ant acids ruining my computer,” the user admitted.

Dealing with ant infestation in electronic devices like Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) requires a thorough and careful strategy to solve the problem without causing further damage to the devices.

At the first sign of pests in a device, it should be disconnected from all power sources. (Illustration Image Infobae)

First, Unpacking the device is very important Make sure it is completely switched off to avoid electric shock or further damage.

then, Careful dissection of the accessible parts of the device will allow you to assess the extent of the invasion and allow for effective cleaning..

Compressed air can be used to expel ants and clean debris, which is ideal for its ability to expel insects and dirt from narrow spaces without direct contact, which can damage components.

A detailed visual inspection will help identify and clean damaged thermal pads and thermal paste, replacing them if necessary to ensure thermal conductivity and proper operation of the device.

It is important to keep the area clean to prevent pests from reappearing. (Illustration Image Infobae)

It is important to avoid using liquids or sprays not designed for electronics, as they can cause short circuits or corrosion. On the contrary, Consider using safe anti-dust solutions and non-conductive electronic insecticides for these devices.

Once cleaned and reconnected, close monitoring of the device will detect if the problem persists, which may require professional intervention.

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In the long run, keeping the workplace free of food and debris that attract ants and ensuring proper ventilation can help prevent future invasions. Besides, Consider implementing secure physical or chemical barriers to electronic devices At common entry points such as cables and vents, it can provide additional protection.

These physical barriers can be non-slip plates located on supports or floors that make it difficult for ants to move. Chemical deterrents, on the other hand, refer to the use of substances that repel or eliminate pests without damaging electronic components.

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