Margarita denies Prespot and warns “not with her”

Former Vice President of the Republic, Margarita Cedeño, has responded to allegations by Budget Director Jose Rijo Prespot that he was paid improperly in social programs during the last administration.

During an interview with SIN Group, Presbot Cedeño accused social programs of having “irregular pay”, while he denied it through his Twitter account.

“There is no malpractice in that work. As always, I acted with the utmost transparency, adhering to the law and ethics that represented me; And I count on the support and approval of international organizations, ”Sideno commented on Felix Victorino’s release on Twitter.

To this, he said that “no person has dual functions or fees” and that the current authorities have changed one payment system to another.

He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations.

“I am very sorry that Professor Rijo Prespot is being untrue in his statements. The UNDP itself has already responded to him on this issue, but the order of this government is to attack the good in order to rule with the bad. Not with me! He tweeted.

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