Mancini dodges, but indicates loss of space for trio in Corinthians: ‘We have to be realistic’

Coach Vagner Mancini did not want to be final, but hinted that Jemerson, Otero and Cazares should not stay at Corinthians after the trio’s contract, set for June 30, expires. In a speech in which he assured alignment with what was commented by the board the day before, the coach was asked if the three will be on the reserve bench from now on.

“The situation of Corinthians has already been outlined yesterday (Friday) and today (Saturday), through interviews. The most important thing is to understand the situation of the club. It is a different year at Corinthians, we have to understand that a lot. It is happening and we play together. We cannot in any way give a strong impression of what is not going to happen ”, Mancini began expanding his speech.

After talking about the need to use the basic categories and even the possibility of hiring during the season, he returned to the subject in a later question. According to him, even in the next two months, everyone will be part of the cast and may receive occasions, although without as much space as before.

“They are athletes who belong to the club until June, no matter what is going to happen, which is not my responsibility. So I can’t give up anything. As long as they are club athletes, they will be used. The type of negotiation interferes with that, so the board will know the right moment to call the player and execute what needs to be done ”, he explained.

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Mancini experienced a similar situation last year with forward Mauro Boselli, who learned two months before the end of 2020 that their relationship would not be renewed. At that time, although he spoke with the Argentine, he did not use it even once between November and December.

The setting, especially with Jemerson and Cazares, is different. While Boselli was only an option, both are considered to be the starters of the team in Mancini’s best stage. The defender, for example, started and finished all the games of the season. Otero has been gaining space, but he is far from unanimous.

“At this moment, we need to return all our strength to the base of the club, which has interesting athletes and that is why they are being used. We do have quality athletes and that is why we are trying to merge. Today we have 60% of the athletes in the squad are from grassroots football. This is very important to balance the club. When we say that 2021 is an important year for the club, we are obviously talking about the economic and financial aspect. We are not only restructuring the squad with these young values, but also the club, lowering the payroll. The most important thing is what was said at the beginning, that everyone needs to hold hands. We are not in a state of shock, it is not that, but we have to be realistic, “he concluded.

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