The Galician Television program Dígocho eu launches space on Twitch and website

The CRTVG will broadcast from next week two weekly programs in Galicia Television premiered its channel on Twitch yesterday with an episode of Dígocho eu in which the schools of the entire community participated.

The broadcast will be on Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. On May 17, Día das Letras Galegas, Esther Estévez will present the first program of The challenge of I tell you, with a interview and language tests with a well-known character in which the audience may participate. The first guest will be the presenter of Malicia Noticias, Brais doval, who is also an active member of the Galician Twitch community.

The Wednesday, Estévez will talk live with Portuguese actor Rodrigo Paganelli at Lusophone quote. The aim of this collaboration is to strengthen ties with Portugal and to present in a playful way the similarities and differences of the two languages ​​to young audiences, since Paganelli and Estévez will try to learn Galician and Portuguese, respectively.

New website for Dígocho eu

The newly released I tell you website will collect the daily videos and those broadcast on Twitch, as well as material for teachers who uses this program as a teaching tool in classrooms. This space saw the light yesterday with almost 600 videos and will allow the interaction of teachers from the next course 2021-2022, when The DígochoEu Awards will be announced to energize the language among Galician students.

The program can currently be seen on the website, as well as on the accounts of Instagram, Twitter, Facebood, Youtube, TikTok and the Telexornal of the TVG. The good reception among the youngest makes daily chapters on TikTok reach over 100,000 followers.

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