Aquarius, Horoscope for Thursday 13 May 2021 | Aquarius horoscope

You have the presence of 1 Jupiter in your home, which will bless you with its merciful expansion and abundant power, in this case your good ideas within your personality and the ability to communicate greatly with them through technology, one of the fields that you best deal with.

Forecast for the day
Since your 4th house in the sign of Taurus has the sun above it, your house will have more vitality and more energy, as if that were not enough, intellectual activity is within this sign of full potential in the presence of Uranus, so it will be a good day to share ideas and practice them together with your whole family .

You will enjoy expressing your thoughts and reflections freely and in all the communication ways you have, it will be very easy for you to have your 5th house in Gemini sign as its ruler Mercury will help you to manage the communication properly and you will express your feelings beautifully as Moon and Venus are in this sign.

Take good care of sudden changes in temperature and take good care of your chest from accidents caused by bumps or sharp objects, because Mars in your 6th house cancer indicates that you are prone to these types of abnormalities; Take care of yourself and expect these types of accidents as much as possible.

Maybe your work is not what motivates you the most in life or what you expected, it will make you laugh and make bad jokes because your 6th house in the sign of cancer tells us about these kinds of situations because in this sign the planet sees its fall and it is not going to do anything emotionally beneficial to you. Try to solve this by figuring out the origin of your asom, and you can turn this feature around.

Partner prediction
You are so lucky to be in love with a couple as Leo’s sign passes lucky from your 7th house. Love refers to the best messages, where your feelings can be expressed freely and will not stop flowing in romantic actions and positive actions to them.

If you serve your community and help those in need, the universe will take care of what you need to survive and thrive, so your 2nd house in Pisces identity will now give you the power to selflessly serve. The time you have to give is going to give yourself without realizing it.

Love: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
Friendship: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
Work: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
Sexual Energy: Good

Today’s information
Your 12th house in the sign of Capricorn in the presence of the planet Pluto will cause you some accidents on an object level, carrying some objects that you no longer need or are no longer useful to you, so if this happens to you, remember that this is your 12th house acting on you; Let this happen because you have to create and solve some of the karmas that you have accumulated.

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