They bid farewell to Cuban singer Tirso Duarte in Colombia

The rise of Cuban singer Tirso Duarte, MurderedThis Sunday takes place at the Maria Isabel Urrudia Coliseum in Cali, Colombia.

“In Cali we will remember him as the ‘King of Timba’ and for the great love he had for our city. Today, October 1, you can visit his funeral until 10:00 p.m.,” the city’s government secretariat announced on Facebook, adding that Duarte’s burning He shared pictures of the church.

Duarte died on Friday at a hospital in Dumaco district of Nariño department, where he was declared in critical condition. After presentation, attack with knife and club.

Former colleagues and comrades of the musician in Cuba such as Maito Rivera, Yoduvel, Yeni Valdez, Alain Daniel, Miguel Blanco and Emilio Frias, Expressed their condolences on social media.

Saturday, yesHis son asks for help to give his father one last hug.

Tirso Yerandi Duarte Peláez shared a video on Facebook from Brazil in which he was visibly affected and asked other Cubans to help him travel to Colombia and say goodbye to his father.

Known as ‘The Pearl of the Pacific’ or ‘The Black Angel’, the musician has developed his career in recent years in Cuba, with his project Tirso Duarte and his orchestra in Cali, Colombia. Big Island Bands.

Havana by birth, Tirso began his career as a keyboardist for Pachito Alonso, then pianist for La Saranga Habanera until 2001.

The singer later became one of the lead voices of NG La Banda and was the founder of the band Buppy and Los Que Sun Sun.

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