Magali Madina surprises with more than $ 4,000 donated by Duffy Valencula to Web Eye Forndula | Eye-sight

Shock! Linked directly to the program From an island in Bali, Indonesia, he revealed that he was undergoing spiritual healing to deal with the worst moments of his life.

The model did not hesitate to give details of her new life in that country and now she will live there for about two months.

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Arequipa also mentioned that she is in the company of her boyfriend Luca to start a new phase in her life.

However, to the surprise of the popular ‘Urraka’, ‘Duffy’ is an exclusive accessory in her closet: a portfolio of the luxury brand Christian Dior.

“How beautiful that little purse that happened now is! How beautiful, the latest Christian Dior collection! How generous! That wallet is about, 200 4,200, a single “,” The driver said laughing.

For her part, the model admitted that her boyfriend just gave her this portfolio. “More than a wallet, what I like is that you invest in my treatments and treatments. He wants me to be a better person ”, Added.

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