“El Parque” in Miraflores, an outdoor space to enjoy this weekend

“El Parque” in Miraflores, is an option that Guatemalans have to enjoy a good weekend. The innovative entertainment proposal allows people to enter a relaxed atmosphere.

The space has a 8 thousand meters areatwo of garden. Also, with a variety of collection trees and green area that provides the opportunity to visitors to rediscover nature.

In times of pandemic activities to fresh air are essential, so if you still don’t know what to do this weekend, we suggest you go to “The Park” in Miraflores.

Park in Miraflores
Photo courtesy of the Miraflores Shopping Center.

“El Parque”, the ideal place for the weekend

“El Parque” in Miraflores is also characterized by a wide gastronomic offer to pamper all types of palates. La Estancia, Los Ranchos, Quinos, San Martín and Gelatiamo are the concepts in which you can spend unforgettable moments.

“Guatemalans, small or large, deserve to live unique experiences every day. “The Park” welcomes all those who are willing to discover the positive side of life and dare to be surprised “.

Express, Sigrid kappler, manager of Miraflores.

Park in Miraflores
Photo courtesy of the Miraflores Shopping Center.

Outings with friends, family activities, exercise, selfies, smiles, rest and fun are some of the experiences you can live if you visit “El Parque”.

Also, next to “El Parque” there is the Miraflores Shopping Center that has more than 300 purchase options, a gastronomic offer for all tastes, from fast food to fork restaurants, cafes and movie theaters.

Park in Miraflores
Photo courtesy of the Miraflores Shopping Center.

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An innovative space

With this implementation, Spectrum continues to reaffirm its commitment to transform spaces and cities that also contribute to the economic reactivation, since they serve as a source of employment for Guatemalans.

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“El Parque” in Miraflores is open to the public from Monday to Sunday, but for more information you can visit the social networks of the Miraflores Shopping Center. Here we give you an idea of ​​how to get there.

Park in Miraflores

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