Luis Raul says he coordinated meetings between Torres, Alejandro Garcia Patilla, Wayne Stainsby and the celebrity leadership.

Name of Alejandro Garcia Patila Not listed in documents and invoices LUMA energy Had to be provided as a result of a court order House of Representatives, But Chairman of the Energy Commission of the Legislative Assembly, Louis Raul Torres Cruz, The former governor said today that he had coordinated the meetings of the chief executive of the Energy Federation. Wayne StainsbyWith the leadership of the people during the 2020 election period.

Said Torres Cruz The documents, referred to as “LUMA Papers”, did not disclose the names of the lobbyists or lawyers hired by the company’s law firms, claiming that the company was confidential.

Bills shared by legislators with journalists at a roundtable on Capitol Hill, from August 2020 to May 2021, DLA Piper law firm owes Luma $ 2,054,318.53. On paper, the names of the lawyers are covered in black ink, “Under the Protection of the Lawyer-Client Relationship”.

For its part, García Padilla pointed out in written statements that he had never or never had a contract with LUMA Energy or its parent company..

“I have no contract with LUMA or its parent company to campaign for their benefit, and neither do I. As I have repeatedly said, sometimes elected representatives ask me if I should meet with the company that selected the privatization of the PNP Electricity Board. My answer is explicitly yes. I did not approach it and all my public expressions before and after its selection were against privatization, ”the former governor said.

Meanwhile, former Governor Torres Cruz said Luis Fortuno Or it did not appear in the documents provided, but he complied with it Fortuño “Worked with DLA Piper, LUMA’s leading law firm.”

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“They are the head of the room (Rafael “Tadito” Hernandez MontanesAlejandro approached him to meet Stensby. “Said Torres Cruz.

The prominent legislator noted that Garcia Patilla coordinated Stensby’s meeting in September 2020 with the committee that nominated the then candidate for governor. Democratic People’s Party (PPD), Charlie Delcado Altieri, To evaluate the LUMA contract.

“It was Garcia Patila who approached Charlie’s team. Alejandro asked for an appointment with Stensby and the meeting took place in Alejandro’s office“, Under control.

However, the legislator added that the committee had recommended that the contract be canceled.

“If he did it for free and there was no charge, they should explain it. He asked the legislators at a meeting in Stainsby. He said it was not illegal. He says it was an aid.”“There are no invoices,” said Torres Cruz, in the name of Garcia Patila.

In the documents Stensby has several meetings with the governor Pedro Pierre Lucy, After he took office. Meetings with senators and delegates, celebrities and benefactors were also disrupted by LUMA’s chief executive.

Torres Cruz warned that the documents submitted by LUMA so far were similar to May 2021 and did not include the period from June 1, when the company’s contract for the transmission and distribution of electricity came into force.

“They told us that happy spending was coming to an end and that what we saw was a waste of public funds.”, Under control.

From June 2020 to May 2021 are the costs from which they set up their business. When they replaced the logo without setting up a pole, they were already costing millions. They paid for the moves“Demanded the chairman of the Energy Commission.

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“They sent us some included tables and when we started looking at the invoices in detail we saw it. It is a scam that pays for Australian wine bottles, filet mignon dishes, lobster and entertainment expenses.Said Torres Cruz.

There is a $ 90 bottle of wine on a bill from a hotel in San Juan, He noted.

He said, “They (LUMA) submitted invoices Electricity Authority (AEE) and the Public Private Partnership Authority (APP), which are required to approve fees. That said in detail There are “even Tylenol” bills.

The legislator pointed out, the managing director of the APP, Fermin Fontanes“He must be held accountable at the following hearings because he did not have that information.

He was referring to the number of Luma’s guards in Puerto Rico, according to data sent. “There are a total of 497 guards in that category, 245 are from PREPA, 160 are from outside Puerto Rico and 92 are employed here.”

“Of those 497, about 202 have a year or less of experience, 240 are trained, 273 have more than 10 years of experience and they are supervisors. I thank God we were not caught by a tropical storm this summer, because we know who we are. Take a look”, Revealed Torres Cruz.

He also referred to the former directors of PREPA as the “experts” he referred to. Juan Flores Alicia, Justo Gonzalez, Jos Cologne And Hector Rosario, They say, to manage the system optimally, more than 1,200 orderlies are required for the entire operation. He said the PREPA has up to 1,800 guards.

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The “gap estimate” states that LUMA requires 1,200 to operate the entire transmission and distribution system, but they acknowledge that there are only 497.

“They did not have them because they could not hire them or they could not find them. They allowed 500 to 600 authority guards to be lost. They have 15 years or more of experience.”, The PPD legislator said, however he acknowledged that the LUMA was paying the guards more than the PREPA.

“An orderly 4 charged $ 26 an hour, and now, as we have seen, LUMA pays them 30 to 35 cents an hour.”, Comprehensive Torres Cruise.

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