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American technology Apple Announced a new self-repair service this Tuesday (“Self Service Repair”) This allows them to sell parts, tools and manuals to consumers so they can repair their equipment themselves. IPhone and Mac At home.

First it will be available for the last two IPhones, 12 and 13, Then to Mac computers with M1 chips. The service will start Early next year Will expand to the United States and other countries throughout 2022.

Thus, consumer access Repair parts, tools and manuals Apple has so far had more than 5,000 authorized suppliers and only 2,800 authorized independent repairmen.

The first items available in the early stages of the project, will be relevant Camera, battery and screen. That list will be expanded by the end of next year.

“Expanding access to genuine Apple components helps our customers even more Choose more If they need repairs, “he said Jeff Williams, Executive director at Applea, according to a company report.

The company explained that there is Almost doubling Number of Authorized Apple Repair Businesses with Company Training and Products.

Fix my iphone: what actions to take

Apple recommends the first thing you do Read the repair manual carefully.

After that, you need to order Original apple accessories And tools that use the new service Apple self-service repair online store.

After repair, customers who return abandoned parts for recycling will receive a purchase credit for it.

However, Apple remembers that the safest and most reliable thing for most users is to have their devices repaired by accredited professionals.

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