The seller mistakenly returned the thousand paise bill that had been given to him

The crisis that Cubans are experiencing is, at times, dominated by a selfish and “every man for himself” mentality. However, some facts show that honesty is not dead despite adverse circumstances. An example of this is a vendor in Cardenas, Matanzas province, who returned a $1,000-peso bill that a buyer mistakenly gave. A woman named Eleodora Piard Lavastida posted the details of this Friday’s event in the Gardenance group on Facebook.

“Today, despite the difficulties we face, I am very proud to be a Cardenense! Today I am leaving here a photo of a street vendor who passed by my house yesterday, instead of giving him 300 pesos, I gave him 1,200 pesos, mistaking a thousand bill for a 100 bill and to my great surprise he quickly returned my bill. A thousand,” he said.

“God bless him, health multiply that ticket 1000 times and wishes come true, there are still good people, my respects to him,” concludes the publication, which shows a photo of the seller.

According to the woman, the man wanted to maintain discretion about his act and his identity. However, she found it necessary to acknowledge a gesture like hers.

Return the $1000 pesos bill

Reactions to the publication did not wait, and all the comments appreciated the honesty of the man.

A netizen wrote, “Honesty is a virtue of the soul, but it is a teaching from the cradle.”

“See? There are still honest people out there, bravo to that guy who stomps everyday and brings us delicious bread, keep it up boy,” one said.

“In the situation Cuba is in, I don’t know there are honest people who always characterize us Cubans, bless him,” another user said after reading the story.

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The seller was identified in the comments as Yandis Mogena Guzmán, a resident of Cardenas.

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