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MEXICO CITY.- The start of Luis Miguel’s 2023 tour turned out to be one of the most anticipated events of the year; However, after his first concert in Argentina, it seems that the artist left more doubts than joy among his supporters.

A nickname “Son of Mexico” He kicked off his tour in Buenos Aires on August 3, with a spectacular show at the Movistar Arena; Although many Participants appreciated the energy and vocal power De Luismi, who also questioned the artist’s radical physical transformation, asserted that the person on stage was not real and was a substitute or double.

These theories gained even more strength, with some Argentine journalists confirming that it was the twins who went out to entertain the public. “Unconditional” Interpreter.

Luis Miguel was replaced at a concert: says one of his twins

It faced questions whether it was true or not Luis MiguelOverrides the interview Andres RayDouble Mickey’s ArgentinaA few years ago he confirmed that he took Surya’s place in one of his presentations.

During the 2010 tour, Ray explained that everything happened in a specially planned concert. Juan Gilberto Funes Stadium From San Luis, Argentina.

Singer at the time He would have decided to leave the campus Due to technical problems, It was double He swung into action and concluded the program:

There was a chapter in San Luis and elsewhere. “In case of sound failures or non-acknowledgement, the artist suspends the performances,” he said on the “Duro de Mar” program.

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But not only that, Ray also exposed many industrialists They hire Luis Miguel, and they know he gets less press, and they hire him to set up. different “numbers” And present it to fans as real or captured by the press.

One of Luis Miguel’s duos said they finished a concert in Argentina that left “the original”.

What did Luis Miguel say about his twins?

In 2015, after these reports came to light The singer was questioned about this in an interview Along with Argentinian journalist Agustina Pinotti, he adamantly denied that there were impersonators.

I had twins! So now someone’s recording an album, I’m doing this interview, and I’ll send someone else on tour somewhere,” El Sol said at the time.

At the moment, the series of concerts is much talked about, but with rumors about the authenticity of the current Luis Miguel destroyed, his Mexican people are counting the days to see him live; In addition, the success of this tour has been so great that 50 dates have already been opened for the next 2024, including countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, El Salvador.

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