Louis Miguel debuted with the video “Forget Hasta Q Me” on Dicktock

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Emerging series Louis Miguel On Netflix, the singer decided to make a big trip to one of the most popular apps at the moment. Luismi Has decided to enter Dictoc And his first video, and nothing less than one of the versions he described with the song “Until you forget me”.

That’s right, the issue that gave us what to talk about in recent days after the first show of the second season of the series Selected by the singer as his first video Dictoc The boy began to follow him.

On his first day, in an hour, the singer It already had 15,600 followers The reproduction of his song was already a success.

“Until You Forget Me” story

The origin of this song is approached in the first episodes of the series. In them you can see that it was written by a singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerrero so what Louis Miguel Aries is included in the album as part of the decision to search for his mother Marcela Pastori Although this is not the only version.

Accordingly George von Rangin, One of Louis Miguel’s friends 25 years ago, The song was composed by Juan Luis Guerrero for Luismi in Acapulco.

“In the forum Jaime Camille, Father, I was with him 25 or 30 years ago in Agapulko Louis Miguel. It was there too Juan Luis Guerrero, Sit down, ‘Mickey, come on’ and On the stairs of the house he wrote a song that was on his mind on a napkin, until you forget me”, Members of the Van Rankin counted on the Van show.

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“Louis Miguel was watching him, Juan Luis Guerrero He wrote it on a napkin It is a great deity. It’s a jewel “.

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