Logroño Sport will set up a space in Las Norias for beach sports

This summer the Municipal Sports Complex of Las Norias will have a new attraction: an area of ​​2,000 square meters of sand where you can practice up to five beach sports: volleyball, rugby, soccer, tennis and handball.

«It will be – said the Councilor for Sports, Rubén Antoñanzas, in the presentation – one of the beach sports spaces most complete of the interior Spain«.

Europa Press collects that its versatility will allow adaptation for 3 beach volleyball or tennis courts and a rugby, handball or beach soccer field. For this, the installation will have the corresponding markings and anchors for the elements of each sport: nets, posts, goals, flags …

Inside Las Norias, the arena polypista will be located in the sports area, in the vicinity of the tennis and paddle tennis courts, next to the Circuit of Runners inaugurated last year. Its conversion will entail the contribution of 13,000 kilograms of sand.

As delimitation a small concrete block plinth will be erected surmounted by ceramic brick and finished with an elastic liner to cushion possible blows against this surface. It will be equipped with sprinklers and irrigation channels.

Volleyball and rugby fans

The idea of ​​Logroño Deporte is, as Antoñanzas has commented, to start the process of contracting the works in the next few days, with a budget of 133,000 euros and a lead time of 20 days. “We want it to provide service this summer, although it is a facility that will be available throughout the year, becoming part of the network of sports centers that people from Logroño can rent individually.”

In this way «we come to fill a gap that we had in certain sports such as volleyball and rugby, since until now its fans could only practice it within a club but not by bringing together a group of friends to play a game «.

This new polypista will concentrate both free play and possible competitions in these sports that could be developed. Hosting national matches and championships is also one of the objectives set by the Councilor for Sports for this Mandate. “We are experiencing extraordinary circumstances but at the same time working so that when we return to normality, which we hope will be soon, we have more capacity to host competitions in the most varied sports. It is the way to attract visitors to our city and with them wealth and employment.

It is the same philosophy as guided the recent renovation of the Agility Circuit, also in Las Norias. And the fact is that this project of having better and more varied facilities is also linked to the desire to turn Las Norias into a sports complex for the whole year. «The sand polling station and the new agility elements, in addition to the opening as a park public, join the bodybuilding room and the safe circuit for runners last year. And we are not going to end here because our commitment is that Las Norias, which is a very expensive facility to maintain for everyone in Logroño, provides the best possible service throughout the year, not just in summer.

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