Ortega joins Buchale and Maduro and will not attend Ibero-US summit

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega will not attend the XXVII Euro-US summit in Andorra today, thus joining the last-minute deaths of his Salvadorian counterparts Naib Bukele and Venezuela and Nicolas Maduro.

Sources in Andorra, the organizer of the event, confirmed that Nicaraguan, who had confirmed the visit, had refused to speak at the full meeting of the presidents, saying that the system would finally be disrupted by the epidemic.

Ortega joins the already known casualties of Brazilian President Jair Bolsanaro; Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador; And Paraguay, Mario Apto; And the latest of Buccaneer and Maduro.

Nicaragua will be represented by its Foreign Minister Denis Ronaldo Moncada, with 16 presidents expected to attend.

In the Mexican case, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrat will share the position of his government; As part of Paraguay, it is the Deputy Minister of Foreign Relations Jose Antonio do Santos; Vice President Felix Ulloa will be in charge of El Salvador.

On the Brazilian side, Kenneth Felix Nebreca, secretary of bilateral talks in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, will appear.

The meeting, scheduled for November last year, was postponed due to an epidemic.

Delegates from Spain and Portugal arrived in Andorra on Tuesday, which moved due to geographical proximity, and Guatemala and the Dominican Republic, the previous and next headquarters of the summit.

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