Lorena Velasquez's son breaks down as he reveals how the first actress died and what her last wishes were: video

A final farewell to an elder. Artists, celebrities and close friends The first actress was Lorena Velasquez They gathered to pay tribute and say goodbye to the so-called “Vanpro woman” of Mexican cinema, who died at the age of 86.

They were cremated this afternoon in a wake in Mexico City Saturday 13 MarchRemains of the actress who shared credits with “El Santo” and “Tin Dan”.

Lorraine's son, Eduardo NovoaStill shocked by the tragic loss, with dark glasses, he spoke for a few minutes to the journalists who came to say goodbye to the legends of Mexican cinema.

With a broken voice and tears, she recounted what the last hours of Lorena Velázquez's life had been like.

“I thought she was sleeping, that's how she fell asleep, that's how she died, what a blessing. She was not moving from her bed and she was having trouble breathing because the cold was already bothering her so much that she was not expelling it.”he said.

Eduardo told reporters what the actress' last wish was and what he would do with the ashes. “My mother wanted to be by my father's side, so I have to talk to my father's family to see if that's possible.”he told journalist Eden Torrance.

Without going into details, he assured that the famous woman left her will and inheritance in order. He opined that the first actress has a huge collection of clothes, costumes and objects, so they are thinking of creating an exhibition or a museum in her memory.

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