Don't delete your photos, follow these tricks to get more space on your cell phone

Sometimes people flood their phones with too much information, forcing them to look for new ways to delete files. Illustration information

Many people around the world have experienced malfunctions in their smartphones because they are full of files such as photos or videos. These problems can be reflected in malfunctions in the cell phone's functions, such as working slowly, not charging quickly, or some applications not responding.

As a result, one of the solutions that people take with their mobile phones is to delete photos to free up space, but there is a risk that due to some error, the memories they have will be deleted, which if there is no backup can result in not recovering what was lost.

For this, We provide some tricks or methods that people can implement to optimize cell phone storage more efficiently.

One of the most practical solutions is to review the cell phone gallery in the part where the duplicate objects are located and remove the duplicates. This will help preserve the original graphic pieces and eliminate replicas.

In addition, There are a variety of applications that help in collecting duplicate photos and which work in a way that gives a person the opportunity to choose which photos he wants to delete. This process will not free up space on your phone significantly, but it will allow you to delete files that you don't want.

When a cell phone is full of files, it can cause problems in its performance. (Illustrative image)

The first thing you can do is to delete the cache of apps on the mobile phone, which doesn't cause much loss and in some cases can help free up device storage space.

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For example, applications such as social networks, photo galleries or websites store a large amount of data in cache and when you empty it nothing will happen, but it prevents it from getting full little by little when using a particular application. This can be a temporary solution to avoid choosing to delete photos or videos.

Another option before deleting photos, videos or apps is to check your Downloads folder well because often there are many junk files that people don't remember downloading and won't need in the future.

For example, when a document for a class or videos that we once liked but did not watch again later are downloaded, they are files that can be deleted from the cell phone.

Furthermore, it is common on Android to download APK files, which have a relatively large size similar to if an app was installed. It is recommended to delete the one next to the application and also uninstall the installer that brought that application, which is now out of date.

Some applications tend to fill up the space of the mobile device. Image: App Store

Another recommendation to improve cell phone performance is to restart it frequently. This action closes background applications, frees up RAM, and resets your computer settings.

Likewise, some mobile devices have built-in applications available in the Play Store that can help in cleaning and optimizing the cell phone. These apps remove junk files, manage background apps, boost RAM, and perform other maintenance and recovery functions to improve mobile phone performance. For example, some well-known variants of Android are CCleaner, Clean Master and SD Maid.

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With these recommendations, it will no longer be necessary to be at risk or need to delete photos or videos that store unique memories that are difficult to recover later. You can also choose to delete apps that you rarely use or have already abandoned.

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