Andrea San Martin goes on a journey when her daughter has to go through the web eye Barndula to specialize in psychology | Eye view

Alarms are turned off! He went on a trip to the United States with his eldest daughter and Sebastian Licharzapur, but without little Laura, he had a younger daughter

We recall that the model promised not to take her little girl, as the former pilot would not have given her legal permission due to the legal conflict the two were facing.

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However, not everything would have been as it seemed Juan Victor For “Love and Fire”, The “girl” was, in fact, an undercover detective mounting a sting operation.

“Soraya San Martin is traveling without her daughter because they did not allow her to be taken because she had to be here for the psychological test condemned by Andrea, so she could not travel, which is the result of her complaint. . What is she doing to get revenge? He did not let her see her father, but she stayed with her grandmother.Said the driver Rodrigo Gonzalez.

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