Live: Zero de Italia – Cycling – Minute by minute of the 11th phase of the game

Level 11 Tour in Italy Between Perugia and Montalcino (Brunello di Montalcino), 162 km long, with four unpaved sections.

Lawrence Neyson, Tries de Bond, Enroque Pattaklin, Francosco Kawasi, Simon Kuglilmi, Taco van der Hart, Roger Glக்ck, Harm von Hook, Bert. They were the riders who spiced up the stage in the early stages of change.

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The survivors took an 11-minute lead, while the command in the set came from Aeneas.

The difference is 12 minutes, near the first length of the unpaved road.

The first gravel stretch is passed in front of the Enios group. Keep the step. 60 km to the finish line. It will not rain. In 17 seconds, 12 m return pointers.

Remco Evanpol He stays in the hardest field since that day. At least 30 seconds with one. Belgium benefits from persecution Education first, Well Hugh Karthi Goes with him. Simon Yates Y Alexander Vlasov They also leave time.

The Evanpol group arrives at Egan’s place, but they enter the second section undisclosed.

20 m from the finish line. Evnepol is in trouble and Aeneas accelerates forward. The breakout is 6 minutes 52 seconds. Bernal’s difference with Remco is 20s.

11km to the finish, the split is 5:45 ahead, with Evnepol giving up a minute. Missing undiscovered ground. Vlasov helps and even Movistar.

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When Education first came to collaborate, Vinceno Nibali and Giulio Chico stayed. At a point where something similar was expected to happen, Evnepol had already delivered 1 minute 36 seconds with Bernal. Survivors, 4 km from the finish line.

Bernal attacked !!!!!! 1 4 km from the finish line !!!!

Moro Schmidt won on stage, while Bernal pushed his rivals further.

See you tomorrow at a new level.


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