The bureaucracy claims that the media has manipulated the position of Cuban designer Raul Castillo

Carigados, the official agency for art representations, has confirmed that Cuban designer Raul Castillo has manipulated the state where he finds himself, as a result of a request for help launched on social networks due to the living conditions.

“We receive outrageous reports of transparent manipulation of the ADN Cuba-led independent media about the current health situation and its care by the widely recognized Cuban fashion designer Raul Castillo,” the company said in a statement on Facebook.

“We speak out against this manipulation and the people who echoed it. We make it clear that our artists are protected by security measures, even in the epidemiological conditions caused by Covid 19 and the economic conditions facing the country. The work and salary, in question, Castillo is no exception. Is on the stage, ”they say.

The news also states that the designer’s family has expressed its complete disagreement with the reports published in these media; “Because they are another parody of the role of Cuban cultural institutions, they appreciate the attention received by the health system and all that has been done at this point.”

However, last week the Cuban announcer Rolando Salta, who lives in Miami, Began calling for help On behalf of the costume designer, people with disabilities in both legs have been diagnosed with diabetes.

“I appreciate all the medical assistance my country provides from Miami, but a good diet is essential,” he said.

As a result of the release, the Cuban designer began to seek help from abroad: “Facebook friends are getting help from the great Raul Castillo. Thanks so much for the unity of Cuba La Bella,” the announcer announced.

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Raul Castillo is well known in Cuba’s cultural and tourism companies such as the Hotel National de Cuba, the Hotel Commodore, the Hotel Riviera, and the Son de la Madrugada complex (from Artex).

She has also worked as a costume designer on films such as “Vertical Love” (1997) and “Amanda’s Prophecies” (1999).

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