Pamela Franco on her relationship with Christian Tomanju: “If we were three, we would celebrate” Forndula NNDC Artist of the Year | Views

He said he was delighted to receive his pass to the “Best Artist of the Year” final. In addition, the singer spoke about the important role played by Christian Tomanzuez when Gisela Valcarcel participated in the show.

“I am excited and anxious. When I first entered into this program, I recently gave birth and after the pregnancy I felt a negative because my thinking changed “,” she said. L commented in the Popular newspaper.

Franco revealed that Tomanzuez encouraged himself to say yes to the challenge of competing on the “Best Artist of the Year” track. “He was guilty of being me. He pressured me to say yes to this big challenge. He helped me a lot. I could not have done it without his support.”, Described.

On the other hand, the Gumbia singer talked about the good times of living near her daughter’s father. “This is the beautiful part of love, we are not just a couple, we are also friends, We support each other, he is my critic who helps me grow, he is my partner in everything ”, he said.

He joked that he would celebrate when he was three years old with the leader of the “big international band”.

“I am a realist, we all had experiences, I can not talk about the past life, I have no one to criticize it, I live from the present. What I have is what I have, when they say I take it as a joke after three years. What’s more, I’ve played with it and told Christian that we celebrate when we’re three and we make it public. “ Added.

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The national artist said he was not a babysitter and wanted to trust his partner. “No, imagine, it would not be life, Always be wary of the couple. I trust him, but if he wants to leave, he leaves. The one who wants to deceive you is deceiving you, so take care of him. I am not a babysitter, it is not ”, He limited.

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