A petition has been signed so that Jeff Bezos does not return to Earth after his journey into space

United State.

Thousands of netizens joined in to sign the billionaire’s petition, Jeff Bezos, Owner AmazonDo not return to Earth after your flight into space on July 20.

Bezos announced on June 7 that he will join The first space tourism trip promoted by your company, blue original.

After the announcement, netizens signed a strange initiative so that the entrepreneur could E-Commerce Do not enter the planet after the journey that Bezos dreamed of since his childhood.

I read here: Jeff Bezos will join Blue Origin’s first space tourism flight on July 20.

“Jeff Bezos is actually Lex Luthor, disguised as the supposed owner of a very successful online retail store. However, he is actually an evil gentleman bent on taking over the world,” he says. The petition, published through the Change.org portal.

So far, the initiative, which started as a joke, has received more than 11,000 signatures out of the 10,000 expected to be collected.

What’s more: They pay $28 million to travel to space with Jeff Bezos

Jose Ortiz, promoter of the idea, Bezos is accused of having worked with Epstein, the Templars, and the Freemasons to take over the world.

Amazon owner He plans to make the trip to space on July 20. It was recently announced that they would like to travel with him, and they will have to pay for 28 million dollars To occupy one of the four seats inside the ship that Bezos will go to.

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