The legislature is creating a special commission to investigate state-funded voluntary organizations

The 7 members of the Commission were appointed by the delegates on this day. According to Assembly Speaker Ernesto Castro, $ 159 million is being given unjustifiably.

Representatives of the legislature on Tuesday approved the creation of a special commission to oversee funding from the legislature to various NGOs, which, according to the ruling party, provided $ 159.8 million unjustified by previous legislatures.

The members of the Special Commission were also elected as follows: Vice-Chairman Alexia Rivas, of New Ideas; Secretary, Caleb Navarro of New Ideas; Reporter Amalkar Giovanni Saldana; Of new ideas.

Members: Deputy Lorena Finds from New Ideas; Member 2 Deputy Carlos Herman Brooch; New ideas; Member 3 Renault Cardoza, PCN And Ghanaian deputy Romeo Aurbach from Ghana.

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The petition establishes that under Article 132 of the Constitution, public officers and employees, including members of official autonomous bodies and the Armed Forces, are obliged to co-operate with the Special Commissions of the Legislature and to appear and be notified. Any other person required by the aforesaid commissions will be compelled under the same warnings as are found in judicial practice.

FMLN deputy Dina Arguetta said the proper process for co-ordinating the special commission had not been followed, without first voting, describing her as “serious” and to FMLN deputy Anabel Belloso, part of the commission, members already Although selected.

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