The Trump organization is now under criminal investigation in New York Solidarity Political News

The office of New York Attorney General Lydia James, who is already conducting a civil investigation into the former president’s company Donald Trump, Now Trump is criminally investigating the systemHis spokesman said Tuesday night.

“We have informed the Trump administration that our investigation into this organization is no longer normal. Now We are actively investigating the Trump system as a criminal, With Manhattan District Attorney. We have no further comment at this time, “said Babion Levy, a spokeswoman for the New York Attorney General’s Office.

James is leading a criminal investigation into whether Trump’s company misreported property values ​​to guarantee loans and receive economic and tax breaks. His research focused A Trump office building in New York City, a hotel in Chicago and a golf course near Los Angeles.

His office also won a series of court rulings that forced Trump’s company and a law firm it appointed to change numerous records.

Vance’s Manhattan office said in court documents that it was investigating former President Trump’s organization, including “comprehensive and protracted criminal behavior.” Tax and insurance fraud and falsification of business records.

Allowances for women

Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, Pay to silence two women Before the 2016 election that there was a sexual encounter with Trump. That investigation has been accelerated since Trump lost the election to Democrats. Joe Biden.

The guidelines of the judiciary do not allow a president to be charged while in office, although he may be prosecuted for abuses committed prior to his presidency.

Whether Trump or his companies manipulated the value of assets, in some cases elevated them, in others underestimated them, obtained favorable credit terms, and in some areas, including tax breaks, James’ civil investigation and Vance’s criminal investigation went hand in hand.

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As part of its civil investigation, the James Office released sub-bonuses to local governments in November 2019 for searches related to Trump’s property. North of Manhattan, seven springs and the tax concession Trump received In order to place a land in a security trust.

In recent weeks, Vance’s investigation has focused on Alan Weiselberg, the Trump administration’s financial leader. His ex-wife, Jen Weiselberg, has provided investigators with numerous documents as to how some former Trump employees were paid for apartments or school fees.

Weiselberg was quoted in the James and Civil Inquiry Testified twice in 2020.

However, James’ revelation of the growing investigation does not have to be an indication that he plans to file criminal charges. In the past, the former Republican president has criticized the investigation as part of a democratic “witch hunt.”

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