Live: Vida starts to win against Victoria again and Olympia continues to beat Honduras! – Ten

– Welcome minute by minute against Honduras. Against Olympia and Victoria. Life
Victoria 1-2 Life
Honduras progress 0-2 Olympiad

Yellow 82 / / in a difficult minute for Sergio Pena del Vida

Life change: Denise Melandes enters at the age of 81 via Alexander Aguilar.

Change in Olympia: Carlos Pineda entered Jose Mario Pinto in the 76th minute.

Work! The title of Eustin Arpolada shaking the cross bar. Honduras Progresso saved in the 76th minute.

Search! The center of “Ma” Sanchez goes head over heels with “La Flecha” and is left to “Ficcha”, who takes a powerful shot that includes Robleto. Stored in Victoria 79.

Search! At a corner kick, the ball is loose, Fones takes a shot and Juan Pablo Montes pushes it into the open advance, the play is canceled. Saved at Victoria 75.

Change in Victoria: Walter Chavez to Jose Calindo in the 71st minute.

Change in Olympia: Samuel Cordova entered the penalty shootout in the 67th minute.

Rose! Olympia went out with 10 men after Jose Garcia was sent off after receiving a second yellow in the 62nd minute of a fight with Juan Bolanos. The riverbank guard was also reprimanded.

Life change: Marvin Bernardes entered Luis Palma in the 64th minute.

Search! In a major attack, Ederson Phones set foot in the area, delayed Aquila, and he took a shot that Robledo contained without problems. Stored in Victoria 63.

Life change: Ederton Fones for Anthony Garcia in the 57th minute.

Yellow Honduras’ Patrick Palacios made a mistake from behind against Edwin Rodriguez in the 52nd minute.

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Change in Victoria: Oscar Suarez enters Yosemmar Maradia in the 51st minute.

50 ‘ Angel Tejeta got the leaked ball and Jose Velasquez went to the ground after receiving a mark from the goal. But the referee said go!

The second part begins! Honduras Progresso 0-2 at Olympia Morazn Stadium.

The cry of life! Anthony Garcia made it 2-1 against Victoria in the 47th minute.

The second part begins in La Ciba! Win 1-1 career.

The end of the first part! Olympia beat Progresso Honduras 2-0 at Morason Stadium.

The end of the first part! Victoria and Vida Classico drew 0-0 at Cipino.

Olympia’s Cool! Edwin Rodriguez is 40 points 2-0 against Honduras Progresso.

Victory Couloul! In the 43rd minute Yosemar Maradia marked a 1-1 draw against Vida.

40 ‘ The rental center on the right and Vita’s security eliminates the risk. Victoria seeks equality.

Canceled! Julian Martinez sent the ball into the net, but the play was not counted due to the advanced position. Olympia is saved in 30 minutes.

Search! Aguilar’s shot from where Robildo passes the frame. Vida 33 tries to surprise.

Olympia’s Cool! Jose Garcia took a 1-0 lead against Honduras Progresso in the 23rd minute.

20 ‘ Free kick taken by George Alvarez, who escapes from the final line. Olympia waste.

Search! Roberto “Fibo” Lopez closed a shot, left the ball loose, got up with a cat reaction and held the ball before Yosimer Martiaga arrived. 23 saves lives.

Yellow Honduras saves Jose Garcia de Olympia in the 15th minute.

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16 ‘ Vita touches the ball in the center of the field and tries to find second place. Victoria tries to control the coconut trees.

12 ‘ At the corner kick, Tejeta tried to connect, but the defense embarrassed him, the ball was pierced in that area and Aguilar pushed it into the nets.

The cry of life! Alexander Aguilar points out Victoria 1-0 in the 12th minute.

7 ‘ Edwin Rodriguez’s attack was misguided. Honduras Progresso is now managing an attack.

6 ‘ Juan Pablo Montes shot easily to goalkeeper Rapleto. Vida presses Victoria at the start of the game in La Ciba.

2 ‘ A good number of Olympia fans can be found at the Morason stands.

Get started in Morason! Honduras vs. Progresso. Olympia

Start the game! Success Vs. Life in La Ciba.

Victoria 11: Williams Ropleto, Jose Velasquez Colon, Kenneth Hernandez, Damien Ramரres, Yosimer Maradiga, Marlon Flores, Carlos Matuido, Marcelo Canalos, Jos க Calindo, Eduardo Martinez and Andreas Rende. DT: Salomon Nasser.

Life 11: Roberto Lopez, Carlos Arcuada, Brian Barrios, Juan P. Montes, Anthony Garcia, Carlos Sanchez, Roger Sander, Alexander Aguilar, Sergio Pena, Luis Palma and Angel Tejeda. DD Fernando Mira

On the 11th day of Olympia: Etrik Menzver, Luis Reyes, Brian Beckles, Jose Garcia, Johnny Leverkusen, German Magia, George Alvarez, Edwin Rodriguez, Jose M. Pinto, George Penguche and Eustin Arpolada. DT: Pedro Troclio.

11 of Honduras Progresso: Andres Salazar, Brian Johnson, Juan Polonos, Jose Quiros, Dixon Ramores, Edwin Maldonado, Arnoldo Arbina, Thomas Sorto, Julian Martinez, Christian Sacasa and Patrick Palacios. DT: John Zyro Lopez.

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6:10 p.m. Vita’s President Louis Cruz and Victoria’s President Javier Cruz shook hands in anticipation of tonight’s meeting.

6:05 p.m. Fans are starting to come to the Cipino Stadium. You can already see enough Victoria shirts.

5:55 p.m. In El Progresso, Olympia visits Honduras, which allows them to engage in the struggle for first place with the aim of adding victory.

5:47 p.m. Vida today seeks to match the historical series with Victoria.

5:37 p.m. The night starts at 7:00 in Victoria-Vida la Ciba, while Honduras vs Progresso. Olympia in Morasan.

5:30 p.m. The Vida and Victoria teams are already at Cepino Stadium for another edition of the derby.

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