The science, technology and innovation conference turns seven years old

Some representatives of the 17 collaborating entities and public positions in the presentation in the Laboratorium of the ZTB Conference. / MIGURA

More than twenty proposals aimed at all audiences with the most cutting edge of the moment in these matters

Innovation, scientific dissemination, business challenges, technology, humor, internet games, talks and exhibitions are the ingredients of the ZTB (Zientzia, Teknologia, Berrikuntza) conferences that will run until November 21 in the town.

“With this initiative, as with the Laboratorium Museo, we want to contribute to the dissemination of scientific culture. Year after year, this edition is the seventh, contributions are made from great professionals who go beyond the borders of Bergara ”, highlighted the councilor for economic promotion Ainhoa ​​Lete, in the presentation of a program with more than twenty meetings open to participation.

He also highlighted the collaboration between institutions and entities, “joint work brings added value to these conferences. This year 17 groups and entities participate together with the organizational efforts in charge of Laboratorium ».

Reach out to audiences

The head of the science museum, Rosa Errazkin, stressed the importance of bringing science closer to all audiences and, based on the variety, expanding the range of recipients, “is what we are pursuing. Focused on science, technology and innovation, we work on training and dissemination from different areas with conferences, exhibitions, fair, activities for students, workshops, Wolfram Encounter, and other proposals ”,

The health situation of the last edition forced some programs to be broadcast in streaming, “this formula allowed us to reach people we would not have access to in any other way. The balance was positive, so that this time the opportunity to see the Seminarixoa matches live will continue to be open, “said Errazkin.

For those who value presence more more, it was announced that, although the capacity limits have been increased, it is advisable to register at the Laboratorium, at 943 76 90 03 or laboratorium @

From many perspectives

The variety is the taste, it is another of the maxims of the ZTB Conference, as Marije Unamuno, municipal development technician, highlighted, “we have a meeting of robotics, illustration, circular economy, physics, manufacturing and many other areas ahead of us. On November 12, we organized a technology conference at the Miguel Altuna Institute, led by Beatriz Laskurain, from MU, on what artificial intelligence is and what application it has in business strategy ». He also highlighted “we are committed to making the role of women in science visible. On November 2 Elhuyar will present the book ‘The stars of science. Women from the shadow to the light ‘».

Basque, as a subject, is incorporated into the conference. Miren Dobaran from the Basque Government, Joxean Amunarriz from the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and Josu Aztiria from Elhuyar will participate in the round table ‘Euskera in the age of artificial intelligence’, and on November 13, led by, there will be a marathon of recording voices in Basque.

In the educational field, as Oihana Garmendia, from the Miguel Altuna institute pointed out at the event, “we have jointly prepared a complete educational proposal. The students will receive talks from experts in various subjects in addition to carrying out scientific experiments, and for November 8 we will organize a technological ‘escape room’ with LH5 and LH6 students ».

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