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The revelation of the US Open 2021 says that she had to pinch herself to fully believe that she had been hanged by two former world number one.


When Leila Fernandez was expelled from a youth tennis development program in Canada, her father George, a former Ecuadorian footballer, became his coach in a sport he knew nothing about.

Jorge Fernandez knew how to be a professional athlete, he encouraged his daughter mental strength, patience, concentration and confidence, the same qualities she learned on the football field.

The results have made his 19-year-old daughter a strong force at the current US Open on Monday.

The Ecuadorian flag is with Leila Fernandez at the US Open

In the third round, Lela defeated defending champion and champion Naomi Osaka in four Grand Slams, while in the second round, former number one Angelique Gerber became one of the top eight in a major tournament for the first time.

“Having him as my coach, teaching me the simple truth of competing in sports, definitely affected my game and my mood,” Lela said of her father.

“I work hard and train well. My coach, my father, says: ‘Be patient, be confident in your game, it will be seen in sports.’ I’m glad he finally did it, ”he explained Ranking The world.

The new US Open sensation, who won her first WTA title in Monterrey last March, faces fifth-seeded Ukraine’s Elena Svitolina in the quarterfinals this Tuesday.

Born to a Canadian mother of Philippine descent, the left-handed tennis player is also guided by professional coach Romain Terider. His father is at home, but he still sends plans for games.

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He is at home with my sister. He called me every day what to do, so it was great, ”Lela explained. “He tells me what to do the day before (the game) and then he and I hope he will accomplish my game as best he can.”

Leila Annie Fernandez, 2019 Roland Cros Junior Champion, greets her grandparents in Ecuador

Born in Montreal, he built his self-confidence from many years of work and ran fast when he hit many wrong shots to hone his skills and make it harder for the challenges he now faces.

“I knew from a young age that I could beat anyone in front of me,” he said. “Despite playing different games, I’m always been very competitive, saying I’m going to win and my dad is going to win in football, it’s impossible. I always had that mentality. I always tried to use it in every game I participated in.

George played for semi-professional teams in Montreal and his daughters wanted to follow in his footsteps. Although he does not like it, otherwise they are looking for themselves, passionately revealed to Quakilian journalist Kenny Castro, in June 2019, after beating his daughter Jr. Roland Carros.

“I went into tennis to help my daughter because I promised her I was going to help her.”

Jorge Fernandez, father of Canadian tennis player Lela Fernandez. Photo: Courtesy KCtenis

“I want to pinch myself”

Lela was inspired by her mother and a fitness trainer and became a favorite of the Arthur Ashe Center Court meeting.

“It helped me a lot that they cheered me on at every stage. In those difficult moments when I was depressed, thanks to his positivity, I can forget the mistake he made,” he says.

“Keep fighting, move forward. Have fun on the court and trust the game. If you have fun on the court, I think that’s the key to anyone’s success,” he says.

Despite her self-confidence and contagious energy and vitality, Lela still can’t believe she’s still alive at this point at the US Open, after facing two former world number one and trailing by a set against both.

“I had to pinch myself a little to see what really happened,” he admits. “I’m going to enjoy it one hundred percent. Tomorrow (this Tuesday) will be a new day.”

The fight with Ukrainian Elena Svitolina in the quarterfinals is scheduled for 1:00 pm at Arthur Ash Center Court and will be televised ESPN. (D)

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