Summary of the Poomas vs Toluca match (5-0). Goals

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Football on Monday, the Clausura 2022 started with Poomas right foot And they did it one by one Toluca won 5-0 against the Red Devils, Which includes a pair of scissors and a debut player’s stick.

It was a night of Brazilian nails and strong there Jose Rogerio stood alone with a double hundred And, one of them is scissors, and a game where Diego de Oliveira meets with the stick again.

However, in the circumstances surrounding this match, at least after the appearance of the Red Devils in this match, Six players suffering from Govt disease 100 percent cannot be taken into account.

In this situation, Poomas took advantage of this opportunity and showed that he was still good at the game And created countless scoring options. In fact, thanks to goalkeeper Guttierez the Scarlett did not pick up one of the worst goals in their history.

Goal Party Rogerio started The goalkeeper took advantage of Alan Mojo’s pass in the first half to make it 1-0. Then in the second half Diego’s goal came In the service of Marco Garcia, he continued to scream for a spot in the opening 11.

But, the one who took the night was the third. It’s a Rogerio’s own work of art, Turned on a high ball from Chile and was able to place the ball near the post 3-0. The Colaso ​​was worth the ticket of more than 8 thousand assistants.

Cherry on the cake It was young player George Ruvalka making his debut and scoring with a goal in 68 minutes. Before all this some demons had no strength to even run and press the gaps.

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Now with control and changes of the game Andres Lillini won 5-0 by Hikor Meridavo It turned out to be a perfect night for the DT Agentino team.

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